Our Story

12 years ago, a thought with innovation emerged to provide educational services to the people in search of good English Language Teaching Methodology. An innovation occurs when the thoughts created goes beyond boundaries. Yes! It was an initiative a person took solely for the people who wants to improve English speaking and language with fluency. He teamed up and gave a structure to the organization with name A Plus in Matsumoto, Japan. A plus was established with a motto to reach the Japanese people; motivate them to learn and improve English language. English language is a worldwide language and hence is important in this era of Globalization. There is a saying that, ‘If you will you can do’ therefore for the people who are willing to learn fluent English language we promise to be with them for learning classes according to their time availability and a comfortable way. We used different teaching methodology and now we are trying to make it more convenient. So, that interested applicants can take out certain time out of busy schedule for their learning and improve English language speaking. This is the era of digitization hence, we also focused on digital learning and began online English classes with the best international tutors through an app.

Learn more than just a language

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